Whisky is a best known of Scotland manufactured products and different kinds of the whiskies are available such as single malt whisky, cask strength and blended malt whisky. Basic types of the scotches are available which could be combined to create blends. Scotch malt whiskies could be divided into five main regions such as Speyside, Lowland, highland, Islay and Campbeltown. Whiskies and other kinds of the distilled beverages like rum and cognac is complex beverage which contains vast range of the flavouring compounds. Based on additional flavourings, local regulations and coloring compounds could be added to whisky. Canadian whisky might contain flavouring and caramel to distilled mash spirits.

In a modern world different kinds of whisky are available so you can pick best one based on your desire such as

  • Irish
  • Scotch
  • Rye
  • Tennessee
  • Bourbon

Bourbon is distilled American whisky which is made from corn and it is stored in the charred oak and it might not contain any additives. Tennessee is type of the whisky that is widely produced in Tennessee in United States. The main difference between bourbon and Tennessee lies in method of the filtering. Highland is largest whisky region by the land size. Northern highland whiskies are little spicier but Southern highland whisky is sweeter. Using whisky is offering amazing numbers of the benefits to people such as serves as digestion aid, lower risk of the dementia and connection between lowered and moderate consumption risk of stroke. Recent studies say that moderate alcohol consumption corresponds with the twenty five to forty percent reductions in the risk of ischemic stroke and heart disease. It is distilled from specific or various grains like wheat, rye, oats and barley.

Each grain is having different kinds of sugar content level. For example corn has higher sugar content rather than rye or wheat. Now a day, every country is having specific set of rules and regulations to produce their whiskies. This kind of the regulation could be combined with their local natural resource, traditions and agriculture in order to make foundations for each country’s whisky. The world of whisky could be filled with complicated collection of the various bottles, styles, ages and specialties. It could be listed by style and each is different price points. Prices of the whisky might change over time. Climate is having large huge impact on time needed to age whisky.